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Ode to Dionysus (feat Tragoe)

by Fuimadane



This song is an empowering ode to the fierce Greek god of wine and craze, Dionysus.

Musically, it marries traditional nordic instrumentation with Greek lyrics and theme, in an interesting mix that hopefully you'll love.

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In collaboration with @Tragoe Damon

Heavily influenced by new wave and synthpop artists Depeche Mode & Joy Division, as well as folk pioneers The HU, Wardruna, and Heilung, Tragoe's music is performed exclusively with traditional & Ancient Greek folk instruments. Critics have described Tragoe’s music as ‘inventive’, ‘dark’, and ‘captivating’.

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(1st line: Greek / 2nd line: pronunciation / 3rd line: English)

Τράγεια ήμαρ δαιμόνια
(Tragia imar demonia)
(Days with the goat & gods within)

Αμάλθειας κέρας κατείχα
(Amalthias keras kariha)
(I felt cornucopia of pleasures)

Άσματα αντιπαρείχα, σπίθα,
(Asmata adipariha, spitha,)
(I offered back songs, inspiration,)

κι αιγίδα λακεδαιμόνια
(ki egida lakedemonia)
(and Spartan protection)

Ω Διόνυσε θεέ και πανικέ αυλέ
(O Dionyse thee ke panike avle)
(O Dionysus and flute of Pan)

Έρεβος με κατέκλυσε
(Erevos me kateklyse)
(Gloom has conquered me)

Ω Διόνυσε θεέ και πανικέ φαλέ
(O Dionyse thee ke panike avle)
(O Dionysus and phallic Pan)

Από το φως μ’ απόσχισε
(Apo to fos m aposkise)
(It dragged me away from light)

Δώσε μου ρώμη
(Dose mou romi)
(Give me strength)

Βάκχε φαεινέ
(Vakche fayneh)
(Enlightened Bacchus)

Δώσε μου θράσος
(Dose mou thrasos)
(Give me audacity)

Άγριε θεέ
(Agrie thee)
(Oh wild one)

Ρώμη θέλω
(Romi thelo)
(I want strength)

να σβέσσω το κακό
(na sveso to kako)
(to wipe out evil)

Ρώμη θέλω
(Romi thelo)
(I want strength)

να σπείρω το εσθλό
(na spiro to esthlo)
(to sow virtue)

Θράσος θέλω
(Thrasos thelo)
(I want audacity)

να σχίσω το σαθρό
(na skiso to sathro)
(to tear apart what's rotten)

Θράσος θέλω
(Thrasos thelo)
(I want audacity)

να φέρω το τερπνό
(na fero to terpno)
(to bring back delight)


released June 14, 2022
Thomas Lalas, Jon k. Skarin


all rights reserved



Fuimadane Denmark

Fuimadane is a Neo Folk, Dark Ambient, Oriental Music & Folktronica inspired project from the Danish guy Jon Krasheninnikoff Skarin, a man with some years of experience in electronic music - focusing on the folk atmosphere with a certain nordic feel.

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